Kroll Web portal : CASE STUDY


I collaborated with senior management members and a business analyst, as the sole user experience designer, to redesign portions of the Kroll Compliance web portal. The company is a known and reputable global background and investigations company. 

My objectives were to redesign a new landing page and user profile page in the portal system, workflows for emailing, and creating user journeys to improve the overall user experience of the intranet system.


Pain Points

The web portal showed many signs of poor usability in data collection, person search functionality, batch processing of information, creating new order forms, and logging in as different users.

Research Findings

Through my observations with the web portal, I found that internal users were having difficulty in completing tasks such as pre-screening countries, accessing the global watchlist,  sending out internal and external questionnaires, and monitoring sanctions and reports.



I worked closely with the manager to launch a detailed project plan to:

1) Gather all requirements
2) Perform analysis work
3) Perform design code
4) Develop code
5) Test all required functionality
6) Deploy all required functionality

Actionable Steps

This list of items was used to determine things to fix within the intranet system:

1) Conduct a survey of employers and management to gain perspective about worker priorities
2) Evaluate different software vendors
3) Review other intranets
4) Engage the Information Technology department
5) Know the role of the users
6) Designate content ownership
7) Put list together of "things that don't work right"
8) Determine what systems will be in place after migration (Requirements Analysis)
9) Ask users what they expect the system to do